Painting with moonlight | Night photography

Lighting experiment using the moon as a light source to draw:

F5.6 with 2 second exposure and circular movement around the moon after ~1 second.

The circular shape around the moon symbolizes the Zen calligraphy “ensō” that refers to a “circle of enlightenment” and the moon and water/tidal symbols also have personal themes as I love the ocean and was born during the zodiac timing of the moon.

1 thought on “Painting with moonlight | Night photography

  1. Thanks for the likes. As a note, I’ve been trying to do these tests before setting off on a night shoot with a skyline, beach or desert backdrop to make Christmas cards with a “moonlight painted” message.

    It has been difficult to get the right combination of burning in the background and doing the right motion. Because the light source is fixed and I’m moving the “canvas”/camera, it means the motions have to be done in reverse (like an inverted mirror) so writing words has been near impossible and even creating a shape, and keeping it in frame while the shutter is closed, hasn’t been easy. I did some campy heart shapes, but the background didn’t burn in or were too blurry, so I’m still trying to figure this out.

    Also: Be careful with your eyes if you try this. It’s like staring at the sun or strong light source for too long.

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