Sketches in Blue | photography

Study in pattern, texture and form with the color blue. Shot primarily on 35mm Velvia 100. (My favorite, but now extinct chrome film from Fuji.) None have been cropped and the colors have not been enhanced other than what was automatically read by the film scanner. (*The water ripples image was shot on 35mm Provia 100 and the hand prints were shot with Fuji 64T Tungsten slide film.)

It’s a ongoing hobby of mine to take images of color and texture, so these were shot over time in various locations. These are lower resolution for online, but the originals were made for projecting onto a large screen. (Click on the images to view the larger slideshow.)

1) Jasmine Vine against a blue wall

2) Tile sea in Japan Town

3) Raindrops on a graduated, tempered glass

4) Ripples on seawater in the estuary

5) Handprints made from people taking off their gloves and using only their natural body heat to imprint hand patterns (like primitive “graffiti”) onto blocks of ice in Sweden

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