Los Angeles wetlands | Photo essay

A dawn to dusk view of the tidal wetlands, LA River, Ballona Creek and Ballona Lagoon areas; home to many wild plants and animals that share the land, air and water alongside Los Angeles residents and LAX, including: snowy egrets, brown pelicans, western gulls, bobble-heads, various varieties of plovers, sandpipers, terns, heron, loons, oyster-catchers, cormorants, geese, ducks, mussels, oysters, and raccoons.

(Click first image to begin slideshow or watch as a video: http://youtu.be/yrDGbSvzBxQ.)

Information about the Ballona Wetlands, visiting the trails and the restoration project: Friends of Ballona Wetlands.

Birds and wildlife in Los Angeles: LOS ANGELES AUDUBON Conservation Conversation.

Images and information about wildlife of Ballona Wetlands: Flickr: Ballona Wetlands.

Art gallery with proceeds that go to environmental programs: The G2 Gallery ** Supporting Art and the Environment **.

History of Ballona Creek, LA River, storm drains and the flood basin buffer zone: Ballona Creek – Wikipedia.

KCET article: Glory Days of the Los Angeles River http://www.kcet.org/socal/departures/landofsunshine/la-river/glory-days-of-the-los-angeles-river.html

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