Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia: Papel tejido | CB1 Gallery

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Currently on view at CB1 Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles is Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia’s “Papel tejido,” exhibition, which means tissue paper in Spanish, but the actual constructions are much more substantial and made from acrylic paint on heavy cotton rag paper. The banner-like pieces are hung on clotheslines throughout two gallery spaces, appropriately so in order to allow the pieces to be viewed from both sides and so that the fabric-like forms of the sculptures can be shaped by their own flexible natures.

There are many different cultural, ethnic and artistic references that come to mind for both the use of materials as well as iconographic sources, but the one that struck me first was basket weaving made from colorful rafia, like the current Burberry runway inspirations. Other reminders were serapes, ponchos and textiles from Mexico and loomed tapestries from South America or Indonesian Ikats. Also the recent LACMA exhibition, Monet/Lichtenstein: Rouen Cathedrals, for the abstract landscape imagery. Scottish tartan was another reference mentioned to me for their grid-like patterns.

The collection as a whole and the various sizes of individual pieces are all beautifully presented. While the work might be considered as somewhere between painting and sculpture, I see them more like contemporary tapestries. Hurtado Segovia has made them from painted paper that has been deconstructed into shreds, then reconstructed again. He painstakingly plaits the ribbons of painted paper into canvas-like collages of interwoven patterns and prints. The color palettes are consistent with his early paintings that playfully reference his wife’s collection of drawings that she made as a child. The abstract icons, patterns, layered constructions and vibrant hues are inviting and inspiring; definitely pieces that bring life their environments.

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