FREE Ready-Made March or Protest Posters to download

FREE Ready-Made March or Protest Posters to download. These are in PDF format so you can print these at home (or at any printer) in whatever size works best for you: 16″x20″ poster size, tabloid sized paper, or even legal or 8 1/2″x11″ letter sized paper. These can even be printed out and turned into stencils for DIY spray painted posters. #PluckTheDay and stand-up for our civil rights! #PluckTheDay comes from a phrase written in 23 B.C. by the Roman poet Horace in his book Odes: “Pluck the day as it is ripe” and this is the origin of the current slogan: “Carpe Diem!”

An art edition of these “ready-made” march/protest posters was made in collaboration with artist, Tanner Goldbeck for the Souvenirs of Progress box set and art show: art, memorabilia, photography & writing reflecting on the 1970s. They can be used both as art, as well as functional tools, to activate, demonstrate, and march to protect the hard earned civil rights progress achieved by those in the 1960s and 1970s. The posters were designed with font styles and images from 1970s era campaigns, but have current day messages. They were made with acrylic spray paint from custom designed, hand-cut stencils on acid free/archival poster board.

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