Polaroid Originals | Photo essays testing out the new film stock

Polaroids have been an important creative tool for me, especially prior to digital. I missed it so much when it went away because it was a way for me to capture quick photo “sketches” and to capture fleeting moments and test lighting ideas. I could go around with Polaroids and quickly put together story ideas and have tangible images in my hand to study and immediately layout and rearrange in a physical space. Of course it is also a fun way to capture fun portraits with friends. (Especially before digital, it was the only way to do an in the moment “selfie” and have it onhand to look at.)

For this project, I wanted to capture some fleeting moments in DTLA/Downtown Los Angeles. It is an environment that has always been dynamic and shifting, but the buildings and demographics are changing so quickly now, I am often surprised from week to week what buildings and locations are still standing and the people and places that are now being rebuilt or forced to relocate.

Project 1: Abstract and erstwhile allusions to buildings and places in DTLA.


Project 2: Portraits of artists and creative residents of DTLA at Hive Gallery’s 14th Anniversary.



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