These are my personal experiences with people, places, art and culture. The opinions here tend to be polarized because usually if I was inspired to write about it, photograph it or memorialize it, it was because the encounter evoked an emotional response.

I try to support environmental, community, education, art and humanitarian organizations as well as people/role models that I believe in. This is not an attempt to catalogue everything nor is it an attempt to provide an unbiased review. This is not a corporate website with shareholders nor an art institution with a board of trustees. The topics covered and opinions expressed are my own. The motivation here is to explore, learn, reflect, share and enjoy those moments.

I might personally know or have met some of the people behind the pieces I write about and this is for two reasons: 1) A personal friend or connection allowed me to get to know a topic in a way that gave me an intimate perspective. 2) A topic inspired me to want to learn more about it, so I sought to meet the person behind it.

In publishing these ideas, I am sharing my thoughts with a public audience and that might draw reactions. I welcome alternate views to further extend my learning and those of the readers, but ask that racial, gender and other types of vulgar slurs not be posted on my site. I would appreciate it if comments are made in a constructive way, along the lines of, “Have you considered…,” instead of “This (person, place, or topic) is !*?¡ dumb.”

“I wanted feeling to guide us in life, and not life to guide us in feeling.” Leo Tolstoy


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