My art, photography and writing are the result of an eclectic mix of studies that include: anthropology, archeology, art history, cinema, literature, and photography. I’ve also taken courses in economics, mass communications, computer science and other practical subjects for business. I’ve been positively influenced by experiences traveling as well as a diverse life, family and friends. My work reflects a passion for art, nature, people and cultures and often shows an eye for detail and aesthetics. I’m usually positive and uplifting, and my approach is to try and relate, understand, learn and be open to new experiences or points of view.

I have a B.A. in Social Science from University of California, Berkeley and after graduation I continued to study photography and art history at Santa Monica College. I’ve been fortunate to have had an opportunity to learn from professors like Nathaniel Dorsky (avant-garde cinema), B. Ruby Rich (documentary film), Marilyn Fabe (film history), Stanley Brandes (social anthropology) and Gerald Cavanaugh (social science) who are among the professors who have inspired me to go on and pursue further explorations in art, culture, philosophy and activism. I speak English natively, intermediate Spanish and some Catalan. I was born in Hawaii and have lived in San Diego, Berkeley, Los Angeles, London and Barcelona.

Some of my photography has been a part of group shows. Chiat By Day Artists By Night. One was selected as second place for student portraiture in the Los Angeles County Annual Photography Exhibition in 2005. I additionally served as a judge and panelist for the RSA, The Royal Society of Arts, in London for their Student Design Awards.  SJ RSA release. I represented other artists and designers while working as Managing Director of Style Junction, the first online design collective, promoting art, artists and bespoke interior design. Style Junction design articles. A project I produced while serving as a co-team lead for “Team Zero” at creative agency, Razorfish in London, won a DNAD award for most creative new site design in 2001. It’s a site with audio navigation and playful interactive elements for a company that specializes in sound design: Eardrum UK site. I’ve also worked in various business consulting, marketing and advertising jobs, many of which are connected to techology marketing, including video games, online music and mobile phone technology. I’ve curated events as well as done photography and styling for shoots. Ad Rants review of an interactive holiday card I shot in 2006.

(More articles and press to be posted later once I find them!)

Below are images from the (now extinct) Style Junction design collective, where I served as Managing Director in London.

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